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Yoga with Maggie

- Yoga with Maggie will be back on the 27th of September -

Yoga Class
Yoga Class

Yoga with Maggie

Maggie Paterson is a professional ballet, pilates and yoga teacher. She has taught dance at the famous Pineapple Dance Studios in London’s Covent Garden for over 40 years and is the founder and Principal of Pineapple Performing Arts School (PPAS).

After decades of experience as a professional dancer and choreographer, the move to the arts of yoga and pilates seemed like a perfect shift both professionally and personally.

Maggie makes sure that all her classes are enjoyable and achievable by all. Whether you are an experienced yogi looking to work on your flexibility and core strength, or a beginner turning to yoga to find clarity and relaxation – Maggie will expertly guide you through your personal journey.

Maggie teaches yoga at Sunsetbay Retreats, and every Wednesday at YTA Studio in Enfield, London (204 Chase Side, Enfield, EN2 0QX) She is also a cover teacher at David Lloyds in also in Enfield.

Yoga with Maggie (single class) – FREE TRIAL
Yoga with Maggie (single class) – £12
Yoga with Maggie (x10 classes) – £100