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We Love our food

Mealtimes are definitely a highlight

It’s no secret that we at Sunsetbay Wellbeing Retreats love our food and go out of our way to make sure that our guests enjoy delicious, nutritious and satisfying meals.

Food is provided by a variety of top Plant Based Vegan Chefs brought in especially from all over the UK. Special themed retreats also include award-winning, Michelin-recommended, local restaurant, Salt Marsh Kitchen, who produce bespoke menus that are mostly vegetarian.

Mealtimes are definitely a highlight on a Sunsetbay Retreat!

Guest Chef
Guest Chef

Kelly Mason

Kelly Mason is a personal wellness chef and freelance plant-based retreat chef.

Kelly turned to a more conscious way of living during her early 20s and has since lived throughout the world teaching yoga (a certified 1140hr yoga teacher) and cooking on wellness retreats, as a vegan chef! Kelly was the head chef and culinary director for the multi-award winning U.K. retreat Yeotown and now works with private clients in central London as well as cooks on a select number of retreats throughout the year across the U.K. and Europe.

Kelly brings extensive knowledge of plant-based cuisine including superfoods and adaptogens as well as catering for special dietary needs. She has the ability to use high-quality simple ingredients and elevate them to create beautifully presented, nutrient-dense and ridiculously delicious dishes from her signature GF buckwheat wild mushroom risottos to her rich, artistically plated plant-based raw dessert.

Guest Chef
Guest Chef

Catherine Humprys

Catherine has spent the past 40 years creating and enjoying plant-based food and has been working as a professional chef since 2019.

Wildings Vegan Kitchen was established to meet the growing demand for home-cooked vegan food in North Wales, where she’s lived since 2007. What began as friends encouraging her to share my creations, quickly progressed into cooking for retreats, private dinners, events and pop-ups. Having been purely self-taught, she then trained at Demuth’s cookery school in Bath, UK where she learned so much more about making not only food bursting with interesting flavours and textures but food that looks beautiful on a plate.

Guest Chef
Guest Chef

Kirsten Huesch

Kirsten has been cooking for as long as she can remember but decided to make this a career choice when she attended Bettina Bordi’s retreat chef academy and Wild Food Cafe’s vegan food courses in London in 2019. She now caters for wellbeing retreats all over the UK and also further afield with her business largely based on repeat bookings.

For her, there is nothing better than designing seasonal menus and preparing tasty food that helps people discover just how delicious plant-based food can be and share tips, tricks and recipes with guests.

Her aim is to make people feel cared for and nourished through her food and to pass on my love for what I do with every plate I serve.

Scott and Lorraine - SALT MARSH KITCHEN
Scott and Lorraine - SALT MARSH KITCHEN

Delicious Healthy Tasty Vegetarian Food

We are proud to be partnered with award-winning, Michelin-recommended, local restaurant, Salt Marsh Kitchen, who produce bespoke menus especially for Sunsetbay Retreats that are varied and fantastically tasty! Proprietors, Scott and Lorraine (as pictured), prepare interesting vegetarian meals using locally-sourced produce.

Guest Chef
Guest Chef

Chef Angharad Elias

You will absolutely love what local Chef Angharad Elias has to offer with her delicious creative vegan and vegetarian meals. Angharad adds her own special flair to all she cooks and bakes, you’ll be blown away by her delicate touch of creativity and beautifully prepared food all in her own unique style!

scrumptious and healthy

Here’s a little ‘taste’ of what to expect during your stay

A large selection of puka herbal teas, fresh lemon and ginger plus many varieties of coffee, are available for guests at any time, night and day!

Always help yourself to a pre-breakfast!

If you can’t wait for the main breakfast, you can help yourself to fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts, homemade muesli, granola, energy balls plus a variety of local and homemade breads served with preserves and honey.


After an optional brisk walk or run on the beach and a flowing yoga session, you will be served a two course breakfast consisting of healthy nutritious culinary delights to set you up for the day ahead! For example: overnight oats, chia seed porridge, fresh fruit salad, fruit compotes, smoothies, shots and freshly made juices, followed by a cooked breakfast often including avocado, roasted vine tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, spinach, pancakes and tofu scrambled eggs all served with freshly baked breads!


As the afternoons are normally spent out and about, enjoying the local area and participating in outdoor activities, our chefs provide a packed lunch for each guest to enjoy at their leisure. Biodegradable boxes are packed full of interesting and filling salads and exotic wraps all served with a piece of cake and fresh fruit. Typical packed lunches include: Mediterranean Artichoke Citrus Lentil Salad and Green Beans Seasonal Tomato Salad with Vegan Feta, Olives and Pine Nuts, Mexican Bean Burrito Wrap. For colder days flasks of soup are also provided!

Afternoon Tea

Well, we are British after all! Homemade cakes of every imaginable variety are served, freshly baked every day at The Chapel. You can expect to indulge in pear and almond cake, carrot cake, lemon drizzle squares, flapjacks and chocolate brownies (just to tempt you for now!)


Served around a large table, you will get the chance to relax and chat with your fellow guests while being served a scrumptious  2-course dinner. (most guests opt for the desert!)

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Main Course Examples

Desert Examples

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With some of the finest Plant Based Vegan and Vegetarian Food provided by our Guest Chefs, what’s not to love on our bespoke retreats!

Check the dates for who is Guest Chef on your chosen dates!